Rhinoplasty Spokane

Welcome to our Rhinoplasty clinic in Spokane WA.  We are the most trusted resource for finding a qualified surgeon in Eastern Washington.  Here is what we can offer and how we are different.

After coming in for a consultation you will find that our staff is professional and courteous.  We make sure you feel comfortable and confident in the decision you are about to make.  Please note that our nose surgeon is one of the best in the area.

What does a nose surgery cost?

This is a frequent question that we get about the nose procedure.  The short answer is anywhere from $4,000 to $8,000.  But the long answer is it’s best to come in for a free nose consultation.  We go through everything that you need know, and help you make the best decision.  There may be alternate treatments available such as a non surgical rhinoplasty.  So It can be quiet hard to identify what your needs may be.


Before and After Photos of Nose Surgery

We offer before and after photos when you come in for a consultation.  This will help to give you an idea of what your individual nose job would take.  You can learn about our process, and find out if this is the best program for you.


What is your experience?

Plastic surgery is a large field with many practitioners being practiced in many different surgeries.  We make sure that you meet with our qualified rhinoplasty specialist.  They will take you through their process.  You will learn about what happens, what you can expect from recovery, to the day before and the day of operations on your nose.  Our professional team has years of experience performing nose surgeries, and we would not feel comfortable giving you a professional that is unqualified.



A typical recovery time is around 6 months to one year.  This can sound long but it typically takes the facial tissues to heal in about 3 months, and return to the look you have obtained from you new cosmetic surgery.  It takes about 1 year for your nose to return to pre-surgery feeling.


Plastic Surgeon Certifications

Our surgeons are board certified, having a proven history of surgery.  We will go through all the basics of our care, our treatment, and what you will get from us.  We have hospital rights so you know if there are any complications you will stay a patient of your plastic surgeon, and receive the quality of care intended for you.

We serve the following communities:

Spokane Valley

Country Homes



Town and Country

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho